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  • Basic Multicolor Flow Cytometry: Fluorochromes, Spectral Overlap, and Compensation

  • Cell Cycle and Apoptosis

  • Measuring Neutrophil Function by Flow Cytometry

  • Cell Sorting

  • Microparticle Detection by Flow Cytometry

  • Polychromatic Flow Cytometry

  • Mesenchymal Stromal Cells detection by Flow Cytometry

  • Data Analysis and Presentation

  • Immunofluorescence Panel Design

  • Case studies in immunophenotyping leukemia and lymphoma

  • Lessons learned in the implementation of standardized approaches to immunophenotyping

  • Minimal Residual Disease monitoring by Flow Cytometry

  • Infectious Diseases study with Flow Cytometry

  • The Pits and Falls in Lymphoma Diagnosis by Flow Cytometry

  • Artificial Intelligence Assisted Diagnosis of Hematological Disorders


  • Paul Hutchinson, Singapore

  • Zosia Maciorowski, France

  • H. Krishnamurthy, India

  • Paresh Jain, India

  • Geoffrey Osborne, USA

  • Vivek Tanavde, India

  • Anis Larbi, Singapore

  • Ru Kun, China

  • Kovit Pattanpanyasat, Thailand

  • Lyana Setiawan, Indonesia

  • Adrian Smith, Australia

  • David Westerman, Australia

  • Andrea Cossarizza, Italy

  • Olga Zharkova, Singapore

  • Lee Shir Ying, Singapore