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To download General Programme for 7th ASEAN Flow Cytometry Workshop, click HERE

Basic Multicolor Flow Cytometry:

Fluorochromes, Spectral Overlap, and Compensation

Cell Cycle and Apoptosis

Measuring Neutrophil Function by Flow Cytometry

Cell Sorting

Microparticle Detection by Flow Cytometry

Polychromatic Flow Cytometry

Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Detection by Flow Cytometry

Data Analysis and Presentation

Immunofluorescence Panel Design

Case Studies in Immunophenotyping Leukaemia and Lymphoma

Lessons Learnt in the Implementation of Standardised

Approaches to Immunophenotyping.

Minimal Residual Disease Monitoring by Flow Cytometry

Infectious Diseases Study with Flow Cytometry

The Pits and Falls in Lymphoma Diagnosis by Flow Cytometry

Artificial Intelligence Assisted Diagnosis of Hematological Disorders